A RECENT investigation has revealed Bangor University as the best place to study in the UK for the third-best environmental job in Britain – an arboriculturist.

Carried out by sustainable online platform Bower Collective, the study factored in average salary, market growth trends, demand and minimum education requirements, ranking 44 of the most advertised environmental job roles across 11 different sectors.

Following on from this, the study also suggested the UK’s top university, offering the best and most relevant degree for each role.

The role of arboriculturist (a person who studies how trees and shrubs grow) was rated the UK’s third-best environmental job, thanks to its high ranking where salary prospects are concerned, with those in the position expecting to rake in an average of £41,268 a year.

And Bangor University was considered the place to study to become an arboriculturist, as well as for those aiming for a career as a forest or woodland manager.

A full infographic of the results can be found at: www.bowercollective.com/pages/environmental-career-finder.