POLICE have described how they ending up rolling in the mud to apprehend a suspect after clocking a car doing 100mph on the A55 in North Wales.

Officers from the North Wales Police Intercept Team posted a photo of the stop on the expressway on Wednesday night.

They described the photo as the "moment before it went badly wrong for one driver".

After "rolling around in the mud" with officers, the driver was arrested on suspicion of drug offences, resisting a drugs search, and driving while unfit.

Officers from the team helpfully posted five mistakes they hoped drivers wouldn't make in similar circumstances.

The tweeted: "The moment before it went badly wrong for one driver and we ended up rolling around in the mud.

"Mistake number 1 - Driver of the car was clocked doing 100mph along the A55

"Mistake number 2 - Started fidgeting in the car, had something to hide

Mistake number 3 - Deciding to resist a drugs search

"Mistake number 4 - Throwing your bag of suspected drugs whilst resisting said drugs search on the floor

"Mistake number 5 - Silly enough to think they can outsmart us

"Another driver arrested last night on the A55 for drug offences, resisting a drugs search and driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs."