A YACHT suffered engine failure and had to be towed back to safety.

Last Wednesday (September 22) just before 3.45pm, the volunteer crew members of the Beaumaris lifeboat received an alert from the UK Coastguard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre at Holyhead relating to a yacht anchored in the main channel of the Menai Strait.

The volunteer crew of the Beaumaris Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington were tasked to assess the situation.

Once at the scene, an assessment was made by the helmsman. It was decided, for safety reasons due to the vessel suffering engine failure, that the boat should be towed back to the safety of the nearest mooring or berth.

A spokesperson for Beaumaris Lifeboat said: "The lifeboat crew assisted with the recovery of the anchor and a tow was established and both the lifeboat and casualty craft made their way back to a mooring near the lifeboat station at Beaumaris. The owner of the craft making arrangements to move the vessel to his own mooring further up the straits later that day.

"Once the tow was competed, the lifeboat was released from the service by the UK Coastguard to return to her station at Beaumaris arriving at 4.35pm to be refuelled and cleaned under the current Covid 19 instructions."