Former Gogglebox favourite Chris Ashby-Steed was left feeling ‘suicidal’ after being ‘forced off’ the Channel 4 show by ‘bullying bosses’.

The claims come from his husband Tony after another Gogglebox cast member quit the show this week accusing the show of providing ‘zero aftercare support’.

Gogglebox star’s husband hits out at Channel 4

Chris’ husband Tony has hit out at Channel 4 on his behalf after Paige Deville quit the show.

He said: "Our hearts go out to you @Paige_deville. The studio stood by and watched Stephen bully my husband Chris off the show and did nothing to stop him. The helped him get his mum on the show behind Chris’s back without even telling him….

"@Paige_deville, they don’t seem to give a damn about the people below the superficial, it’s all about ratings and awards, not people.

"Even when it came out that being forced off the show made Chris suicidal, they didn’t contact him once!"

He continued: "He’s a lot better now thanks, but he’s not fragile.

"He has a tough constitution - years of bullying as a kid made him toughen up. But everyone has their limits. He was robbed of so much by Stephen and treated so badly by the studio that it tipped him over, sadly :-(."

Paige hits out at Channel 4 after quitting Gogglebox

Last week, Birmingham cast member Paige Deville hit out at the show after deciding to walk away.

Paige was a regular alongside her mum, Sally.

Speaking on Twitter she said: “I have made the decision to walk away from Gogglebox. It’s been an experience but one I cannot continue with due to long hours of filming, restrictiveness, control of our actions and opinions & zero aftercare support but hey who cares about ex cast, they’re NTA winners.”

A Gogglebox spokesperson told The Sun: “Support is available to all previous and current cast members as the welfare of the families – past and present - is of utmost importance."