A Gwynedd man caught with heroin and cocaine deals allegedly worth £3,240 received a two-year suspended jail term.

Judge Nicola Jones at Caernarfon crown court told David Peters, aged 39, of Cremlyn, Bethel, he had two children and she was going to give him a chance.

“You have never been given the opportunity of a drug rehabilitation requirement, you need that now. You are a hard-working man,” she said.

Peters must attend a thinking skills course as well as rehabilitation after admitting possessing drugs with intent to supply.

Prosecuting lawyer Suzanne Payne said in December 2019 police were directed to the “Lidl path” at Bangor and two men ran away.

Peters was found hiding and, in an overgrown area, had been drugs.

Dafydd Roberts, defending, said Peters wanted to stop taking drugs.

Cocaine caused pain in his heart.

Peters had a long history of drug misuse and was on methadone.

Judge Jones said she didn’t believe Peters offended for any financial benefit for himself, other than covering a drugs debt.