SCULPTURES by artists from Italy, Sweden, Australian and the UK will feature in a Caernarfon gallery’s first international sculpture show.

The exhibition, to be held at Life: Full Colour in Caernarfon, features figurative sculptures by Dr Alan Pascuzzi (bronze), Nicolai Nickson (marble and wood), Erin Knight (bronze), and Sarah Burton (steel and ceramics).

Curated by Life: Full Colour founder, Sara McKee, the free exhibition will open for four weeks from October 1-30, and brings new artists and fresh work to Wales.

Themes explored by the artists range from making choices through to perseverance.

Sara McKee said: “We’re a huge supporter of Wales-based artists and our shows to date have provided people with the opportunity to engage with Welsh creatives and support the local arts sector.

North Wales Chronicle: Sacrifice by Dr Alan Pascuzzi. Photo: Life: Full ColourSacrifice by Dr Alan Pascuzzi. Photo: Life: Full Colour

“However, we also want to bring new work from different countries to Wales so people can experience art from all over the world.

“While the pandemic means we can’t bring the artists themselves, we can bring their work to Caernarfon, and this show is just the starting point of us bringing more international art to Wales.”

All pieces on display at the exhibition will also be for sale.