A MONEY box was snatched from a Gwynedd church last weekend.

Ifor Williams, volunteer at Hen Eglwys Llanfaglan, wrote on the church’s Facebook group on Sunday (September 5) that: “Unfortunately, someone broke into the church money box over the weekend.

“This has happened several times over the summer. Some people have no respect for anything.”

Numerous members of the group also offered their sympathies, with comments such as: “Very sad news,” “No respect. Very sad,” and “Disgraceful, the whole thing shows how low people can fall. Shame on them.”

The church is now redundant but is still used for short services and funerals.

It is designated by Cadw as a Grade I listed building and has been under the care of Friends of Friendless Churches since 1991.

It remains open to the public, and its collection box is kept in the building with visitors invited to make contributions which go towards the church’s upkeep.

Mr Williams added that this is not the first time the box has been stolen, having written a post in the Facebook group about a similar incident in June.

The church has also issues with its roof slates blowing off due to strong winds in recent months.

Within the walls of Hen Eglwys Llanfaglan, which stands alone in a field in Llanfaglan, is an inscribed stone dating to the late fifth or early sixth century.