Tributes have flooded in since new emerged that Goggelbox star Mary Cook passed away at the age of 92.

It comes months after fellow Gogglebox favourite Pete McGarry following a short illeness.

According to the St Monica Trust retirement home, where Cook and Wingrove lived, they were discovered by a researcher for Gogglebox during a trip to Asda.

According to their website, Mary said: “I was going shopping, so I asked them if they could wait until we got back.

“They came up to Marina’s flat, held cards up of different famous people and we had to talk about them.”

The pair were temporarily absent from the programme because of the pandemic; however, they returned in May’s series finale of the programme.

Channel 4 said in a statement: “Bristolians Mary and Marina met at St Monica Trust retirement village over 10 years ago and had been friends ever since.

“They joined Gogglebox in 2016 at the start of series eight and became instant fan favourites due to their brilliant witty and often cheeky comments.

“Mary will be sorely missed by the entire Gogglebox family, cast and crew.”

Gogglebox fans pay tribute to Mary

The news has shocked fans of the Channel 4 hit with fans rushing to pay their respects.

One viewer tweeted: “I absolutely loved Mary & Marina they were up there amongst my favourites. She will be so very missed - thoughts and condolences go out to her family and those that knew her x”

Another added: “Both of them always made me smile when they came on, their chemistry was amazing n they were always so full of joy I hope Marina is coping okay, you could tell they were as thick as thieves.”

“RIP Mary Cook. She was a joy to watch. Great sense of humor. She would occasionally sing on the show. She had a great voice. God bless her. My dad passed two months ago- I miss him so much. The pain is invisible but I can't hide the scars,” added a third.

A forth said: “Such sad, sad news. Mary is what I aspire to be like when I grow older! She had such a twinkle in her eye and a lot of sass. She was the cool grandma we all wanted to be ours. The whole nation adopted her! Praying for all those family and friends left behind. Xx”