A UK student who flew to Afghanistan for a holiday as part of a bid to travel to the world’s “worst places” has been evacuated from the country.

Miles Routledge, from Birmingham, and a student at Loughborough University has been keeping people updated on Facebook about his travels.

In an earlier post he explained how he had “accepted death” as the Taliban took control of Kabul.

Miles did not believe the Taliban would take control of Kabul anytime soon when he booked his “dirt cheap” trip to the country.

In an update on Facebook he explained how he was saved alongside “100 or so other civilians”.

"New safe house"

He said: "Got Evacuated at 4ish (it’s 2am now) with 100 or so other civilians, couldn’t message as there were cars emitting signals that would set off bombs, it blocked my airpods from connecting so I think it blocked all wifi/data.

"The Taliban let us go through the airport and we met many of them, very long transition period but everyone was smiling and waving at one another, some took selfies with them. I slept on a dirt/gravel road and woke up as cars went by.

"We’re in a new safe house and we’re all hydrated, happy and ready for a few hours of sleep."

He added: "On the flight out we aren’t allowed any liquids at all, no razors and Only 1 bag up to 10kg so everyone is tossing all their belongings into a pile, people are donating each other their items because they can’t carry them.

"Some lads stuffed my body armour and bag with protein bars, over 20 of them. "

Loughborough University issue statement

Loughborough University issued a statement on Monday night following news of the 22-year-old’s situation.

It read: “The University is doing what it can to support a Loughborough student currently located in Afghanistan. If there are further issues related to this student, these will be reviewed when they are safely back in the UK.”