Arfon MS Siân Gwenllian recently visited the Maes Ni community organisation to congratulate them on securing a substantial sum of money from the National Lottery Community Fund.

Maes Ni, based in Maesgeirchen, Bangor, is one of the Community Fund’s most recent recipients, securing £10,000 to run musical and creative writing workshops for older and young people and families to develop creative skills, enhance wellbeing, and share experiences.

The MS said: “I’d like to thank those involved with Maes Ni for what was a fantastic visit.

“The welcome I received from the young people of Maesgeirchen was warm and energetic. It was moving to see them brimming with enthusiasm for creating and performing.

“It goes to show the value of opportunities such as those they receive from Maes Ni, inspired by Owen Lee Maclean of Maesgeirchen and poet Martin Dawes.

“Providing children and young people with as many opportunities and experiences as possible equips them with life skills, gives them an important opportunity to socialise, and gives project leaders a special opportunity to spot and encourage talent.

“Finding a way to express ourselves is an important part of our personal development, and the work that organisations like Maes Ni does is crucial in that respect.

“The passionate, expressive young people I met were clearly receiving a lot of enjoyment from the project, and it is once again good to see the National Lottery’s good work in our communities.”