WITH temperatures soaring and set to continue, a company has given the inside scoop on how long it takes the UK's favourite ice lollies to melt in the heat.

Parkdean Resorts have launched a video to show their results.

As the UK is expected to experience a heatwave in July, Parkdean have created this experiment for people wanting to stay cool this summer.

Which ice lolly lasted the longest in the heat?

Rank Ice Lolly Melt Time (minutes)

1 Magnum 60

2 Cornetto 54

3 Rowntrees Watermelon 50

4 Twister 45

5 Fruit Pastilles 41

6 Fab 37

7 Ice Pop 29

First to melt was the simple Ice Pop, lasting just 29 minutes shortly followed by the Fab, which lasted 37 minutes. The Magnum took the crown as the longest lasting lolly with an impressive melt time of 60 minutes. Just shortly behind the Magnum is the British favourite, a classic Cornetto, lasting 54 minutes.

The study also discovered how the winners and losers matched up to the UK's top picks for frozen treats, so the research dug a little deeper into the UK's search habits to reveal the UK's favourite ice lollies and ice cream flavours.

UK's favourite ice lollies

The UK's favourite ice lolly is the Zzapp Ice Lolly! In 2nd place is the much-loved Fab lolly, which lasted a modest 37 minutes before melting into the sand!

North Wales Chronicle:

The UK's 3rd favourite lolly is the Twister, a pineapple, lime and strawberry beauty that stood up to the heat for 45 minutes.

UK's favourite ice cream flavours

When it comes to ice cream flavours, Brits seem to be quite conventional with vanilla and Neapolitan taking the top two spots.

Interestingly though, the UK's 4th favourite flavour is pistachio, suggesting we have an adventurous streak!

North Wales Chronicle: Parkdean Resorts have launched a video revealing how long it takes the UK's favourite ice lollies to melt in the heat.

Health-conscious Brits clearly still enjoy an icy treat too with low-calorie lemon sorbet and frozen yoghurt ranking as the UK's 7th and 8th most searched for frozen delights.

In the US, the 3 top flavours match up with the UK's faves but then the US throws a curveball by ranking 'Moose Tracks' as their 4th favourite flavour. This flavour is essentially vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and fudge chunks. Could it catch on in the UK?

Australia takes the highroad on ice cream flavours with their most searched for frozen treat being frozen yoghurt!

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