Bangor Garth Pier celebrated its 125th year anniversary on Friday May 14 with a civic ceremony, plaque unveiling and being illuminated.

On this day in 1896, Lord Penrhyn officially opened the pier following a procession through the city and a crowd of over 5,000 people assembled to watch the opening ceremony.

This year, the situation is markedly different with a large-scale event not possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however celebrations proceed nonetheless.

At 11am, the Mayor of Bangor Cllr Owen Hurcum unveiled a new plaque commemorating the 125th year anniversary.

Following social distancing rules, the Mayor was joined by other members of Bangor City Council, kioskholders and representatives of Friends of Bangor Garth Pier (FGBP), a new volunteer group working with the City Council to provide help and support to visitors on the pier and ensure that the pier thrives and has a sustainable future.

North Wales Chronicle: Bangor's Mayor attended the event.Bangor's Mayor attended the event.

Ahead of the important date, Mayor of Bangor Cllr Owen Hurcum said: “Our pier is the jewel in the crown of our great city, affording all who venture upon it some of the finest views imaginable.

"It has stood as an asset to our city for over 125 years, and it has served the people of this city throughout this time.

"The pier has faced numerous challenges throughout its journey and perhaps none more-so than the recent structural repairs that have seen an incredible investment of over £1.8m to ensure the survival of this structure for the next 125 years.

“We can’t turn out as a city today to celebrate its momentous anniversary, but we can, and we will, celebrate the pier in our own way moving forward."

He added: "The pier is in the lifeblood of this city, it’s part of Bangor’s hiraeth and I very much look forward to seeing its history to come.”

North Wales Chronicle: A plaque was also unveiled at the event.A plaque was also unveiled at the event.

Avril Wayte, Chair of Friends of Bangor Garth Pier, said: “It is a huge privilege for us to be involved with Bangor Garth pier, and play a pivotal role in protecting the pier for the future, especially so as we are enabling the local community to take part in that process. Our pier - owned by the City Council and loved by all.”

The pier will be lit up this evening to celebrate the special anniversary.

With the large-scale event delayed by a year until May 2022, Bangor City Council and Friends of Bangor Garth Pier will celebrate the anniversary in different ways over the coming months.

A series of interviews, discussions and presentations on the history of the pier and the area will be published online, with a number of small-scale events and activities scheduled to take place on the pier later on this year, subject to Covid-19 regulations.

A Digital Programme will also be published today to acknowledge the important date.

Visit City of Bangor Council - Home ( and Bangor Garth Pier ( to view the Digital Programme and further information on the 125th year anniversary celebrations.