LIFESAVERS rushed to help a kayaker who appeared to be in difficulties in waters between the Menai and Britannia bridges.

This was in an area known as The Swellies

At 7.10pm on Tuesday, April 27 the volunteer crew members of the Beaumaris Lifeboat received a page from the UK Coastguard.

The Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington with her volunteer crew launched and proceeded to the location given.

The UK Coastguard had been advised that a kayaker was waving his paddle [which is a recognised sign for assistance is required].

The Bangor Mobile Coastguard Rescue Team were also tasked.

A spokesperson for Beaumaris Lifeboat said: "The volunteer crew aboard the lifeboat spoke to the kayaker who confirmed he was not in any difficulties and was practising manoeuvres on the standing wave. The lifeboat crew then saw two paddle boarders in the vicinity and ensured that they did not require any assistance.

"Once this information was advised to the UK Coastguard, the lifeboat left the scene whilst the Bangor Mobile Coastguard Rescue Team commenced a routine land patrol of the area before returning to their base."