As part of ongoing efforts to ensure Anglesey communities are safe and pleasant places to live, Isle of Anglesey County Council is urging all dog-owners to ensure that they clean-up after their pets.

Anglesey Council’s Public Protection team have recently received numerous complaints about individuals failing to clean up after their dogs.

A dog owner is committing an offence, under The Isle of Anglesey (Dogs Fouling of Land) Order 1997, if they fail to clean up dog foul.

Chief Public Protection Officer, Les Pursglove, said: “Whilst most people do their utmost to keep our streets clean, a minority of irresponsible dog owners cause problems in our towns and villages.”

“Our Enforcement Officers will be taking a zero tolerance approach to fouling and anyone who is observed failing to pick up their dog’s faeces will be given a fixed penalty fine of £75. Failure to pay this fixed penalty notice will result in offenders being prosecuted.”

Dog faeces presents a risk to public health.

Toxocariasis is a disease caused when the eggs of toxocara worms are transferred from dogs to people through infected dog mess or soil.

Infection can lead to serious illness and even blindness. Dog owners should also dispose of poo bags responsibly – hanging them on hedges, tree branches or discarding them on the street is not acceptable.

Public Protection portfolio holder, Cllr Richard Dew said: “There is a minority of persistent dog fouling offenders who seem to disregard other people’s health and well-being.”

He added: “If you are walking your dog please remember to take dog waste bags, a scoop or other suitable equipment with you. I encourage all dog owners to act responsibly and to make sure that they clean-up after their pets.”

If you require further advice on dog fouling, the Voluntary Dog Registration Scheme and other matters relating to responsible dog ownership, please contact Public Protection via email: