A POLITICIAN is calling for Bangor students to be asked to stay home and universities compensated by the Government.

Arfon MS Siân Gwenllian, who represents Arfon in the Senedd and is Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Minister for Education has called for a halt on return of students to Bangor, as well as calling for the students and landlords to be compensated on accommodation costs.

The MS’ calls follows an announcement by the Welsh Government before Christmas that university students would have a staggered return date after Christmas.

Siân Gwenllian said: "The current plans for students to return to universities across the UK are untenable.

“We are in the midst of a public health emergency. Schools have had to be closed, which reflects the severity of the situation we have ourselves in.

“The Welsh Government must tell students to stay where they are, and most University learning needs to move online for now.

“Only those studying courses where practical learning is absolutely essential, such as nursing, medicine and veterinary science, should return to face to face study.

“Such a vast movement of people across a country during a public health crisis is irresponsible and unjustifiable.”

The local MS’ plea is accompanied by a call from Plaid Cymru to ensure that universities are fully compensated financially for losses as a result of students not returning.

“The react to these unprecedented measures, financial help needs to be provided to Bangor University students.

“Furthermore, students and landlords need to be compensated on accommodation costs.

“It is exceptionally unfair for them to be paying for accommodation they cannot use.

“The Welsh Government need to act fast.”