AN ANGLESEY beekeeper says she is 'very proud' after a short film she starred in won 'Best Documentary Film 2020' at the Norwich Film Festival.

'The Beekeeper' - starring Felinhoneybees' Katie Hayward - has also qualified to sumbit gor the BAFTA short Film award, along with every other film which screened at the festival..

Directed by William McGregor, 'The Beekeeper' focuses on Katie's life as she faces losing her ancestral home in Cemaes Bay to the development of a nuclear power plant - Wylfa Newydd.

It was filmed between January and March of this year and initially came about after Katie and William met at the premiere of another of his films - 'Gwen' at Bangor's Pontio Arts Centre.

They then met again in London, whilst Katie was at the Every Woman Awards - where she was runner-up for the 'Demeter Award' handed out to the most inspirational woman running a business trading from three to five years.

Last night, Katie found out that 'The Beekeeper' had won 'Best Documentary Film 2020' at Norwich Film Festival.

Speaking to the Chronicle this morning, she said: "It's overwhelming really, but I'm so proud of the team for what they've achieved.

"I actually had the chance to go and see it in the cinema, and it was incredible to see other people's reactions to it. People were in tears - which in a weird way was a nice reaction for me as it made me realise that I'm not alone on my journey.

"I have to give a big thanks to William for his efforts with all of this, he actually moved in with me and followed me around just to get the footage seen in the documentary. He's been a real torch in the darkness during all of this.

"I was determined to get the film out there and so I am very proud - especially when you see some of the names we came up against."

'The Beekeeper' itself has won several other awards prior to the one won at Norwich Film Festival, even being given a 'Best International Film' award in Argentina, and has been viewed worldwide in countries such as Trinidad and Tobago.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic restrictions and with England being on lockdown, Director William McGregor was handed the award virtually last night. However, it will be posted out to him in due course.

Since the film was shot, Katie has started a fundraiser to help her develop a new farm away from the ongoing situation depicted in this film.

Director McGregor said: "Katie’s tale is a genuine David v’s Goliath story. A woman and her bee’s taking on a giant Japanese tech firm intent on building a Nuclear power plant on her ancestral home. It’s a story about following your passion and dreams, even in the face of extreme adversity.

"I first met Katie at a Q&A screening of my film ‘Gwen’. We stayed in touch over social media and it soon became very apparent to me that I had to tell her story. So I loaded my car with wet weather gear and camera equipment to go and spend time with Katie at her farm on the northernmost tip of Anglesey.

"I quickly came to learn that Katie was more than just the headlines regarding her struggle with the Nuclear power plant, she is a funny and bubbly woman. Often known as the Barbie Beekeeper. An inspiring character who I feel very fortunate to have been able to get to know over the making of this documentary."