WITH retailers now not permitted to sell 'non-essential items', the Welsh Government has published a list of all the items supermarkets have been told to stop selling as well as the items they're still allowed to sell during the two-week fire-break lockdown.

Pictures have surfaced showing supermarket staff placing sheets over the so-called 'non-essential' items and whole aisles being blocked off.

The move is designed to make it a level-playing field for shops that remain open and those that have been forced to close.

The Welsh Government says retailers which remain open can't sell the following:

  • electrical goods
  • telephones
  • clothes
  • toys and games
  • products for the garden should be closed to the public – and these products should not be sold.

Dedicated sections selling homeware products should also be closed.

The Welsh Government said: "Products that can’t be sold, but which are normally located amongst goods that can be sold, should ideally either be removed or sealed off, preferably the former.

"Where these products remain on the shop floor, shops should make it clear to customers that they are not for sale. We expect shops to ensure that these products are not sold, though enforcing this rule need not necessarily be the responsibility of “front line” staff such as those working on the checkout."