Today marks the eighth anniversary of Shwmae Su’mae Day.

The national day held on October 15 celebrates, encourages and promotes the Welsh language.

The initiative aims to give people the confidence to start every conversation in Welsh, and to show the world that the language belongs to us all – fluent speakers, learners or those shy about their Welsh.

Shwmae Su’mae Day is co-ordinated by the Mudiadau Dathlu’r Gymraeg (Celebrating the Welsh Language) umbrella group – a network of organisations who celebrate the success of the Welsh language and call for action to ensure its future.

The many activities taking place as part of the celebration are organised by hundreds of individuals, groups, communities, and organisations across Wales.

This year’s theme is‘Ar Draws y Tonnau / Across the Waves’ and is about encouraging people to find new locations and ways of using the Welsh language during this unusual time, and to share it with Wales and the rest of the world.

The aim is to start each conversation with a “hi there” in Welsh: shwmae, su’mae or shwdi! And so, if you have a chance to do this safely today, then please let us know how you’re celebrating Shwmae Su’mae Day!

Tag us on Twitter (@ShwmaeSumae) and remember to encourage everyone to say shwmae (in South Wales) or su’mae (in North Wales).

Shwmae Su’mae Day ambassadors have been working hard to share their experiences and inspire us, with this year’s focus being on how the Welsh language lives alongside the other languages of our communities and demonstrate that the Welsh language truly belongs to everyone, from every nation and background.

To keep everyone in touch this year, Shwmae Su’mae Day has collaborated with AMbobdim’s digital platform to encourage emerging artists – as well as organisations, festivals and venues – to create new digital content in Welsh, and to better publicise AM’s events throughout the year.

The website will feature content from many partners’ events over the past few months.