A CALL has been made for an urgent meeting with agencies responsible for Afon Aber in Abergwyngregyn, by Plaid Cymru community leaders.

This follows a second flood in the area in just two months. In the latest flood a man fell into the river and his body was later recovered.

Dafydd Meurig, Gwynedd county councillor for the area said: “It's time for Natural Resources Wales to sit around the table to discuss the problems with Network Rail, Welsh Water, Gwynedd Council and Abergwyngregyn Community Council and implement an emergency plan.

“In August, properties in the same area including two homes and one business were damaged by flooding. At that time extreme natural events was the explanation given to local residents.

“It is clear that further investigations and a solution are needed."

Cllr Meurig added: “Three homes have been flooded this time, and the damage will need to be assessed. Fortunately, the houses remain empty since the flooding back in late summer. But the work of restarting the clean-up operation will need to begin again. It is heart breaking.

“The work of clearing the water-borne debris along the lanes, fields, hedges and the riverbanks, also need urgent attention.

“Natural Resources Wales will now need to move swiftly, to assess the issues, as we rush headlong into the wet winter months.

Sian Gwenllian SM said: “My heart bleeds for the residents who see their property flooded for a second time in two months, it's totally unacceptable. I will contact the Minister who has responsibility for the environment to press for an urgent discussion regarding the area.

Natural Resources Wales’  Head of Operations for the North West Sian Williams, said, “We sympathise with all who have been effected by the flooding in the Abergwyngregyn area over the weekend.

“We have a team in the area investigating what happened, and we’re on site now carrying out emergency remedial works to help reduce flood risk.”