TALKS to determine if North Wales is approaching a lockdown situation will take place, a Minister confirmed.

With Covid-19 cases increasing, a North Wales lockdown is not off the table.

At the Welsh Government briefing on September 28, Economy Minister Ken Skates said he will be meeting with local authority leaders in the region to discuss the ongoing situation.

He said: "If you look at one particular local authority area, Wrexham, back in August, there was much talk locally about the possibility of a local lockdown.

"But because of the Test, Trace and Protect regime, because of the hard work from public bodies and it has to be said, because of the vigilance and good behaviour of citizens, we saw levels drop dramatically.

"We are hoping in the North that we see a similar reduction in figures."

Mr Skates went on to say that a reduction in cases will enable them to avoid a regional lockdown.

Despite some parts of North Wales registering higher numbers of coronavirus and the rising levels of concern, Mr Skates added that people 'are acting responsibly'.

He said: "We will be discussing these issues before reaching any decisions."

At the conference, the Minister said that businesses will not be forced to close in local lockdown areas, they can continue to operate.

He added: "What's important is that businesses and individuals operate in the safest possible way.

"Yes, local restrictions are difficult for businesses. That's why we are introducing the £60million fund so if a business experiences a material fall in turnover, they will be able to apply for and secure a grant from Welsh Government."

The measures of additional funding announced by Welsh Government are 'designed to offer a bridge' and there is 'enough financial resource' in place to see the country through two waves of local restrictions.

Mr Skates was also asked whether the rising cases across North Wales, particularly in Flintshire and Wrexham which match areas which have been locked down elsewhere, is down to a specific issue.

He said: "The data shifts from one day to the next. In many instances across Wales and the UK, particularly earlier on, transmissions were largely in domestic dwellings."

Mr Skates added Welsh Government has been pressing people not to do that and introduced measures such as a high fine.

He said it was 'absolutely vital' people behave in a responsible way and adhere to the rules and 'think about their own health and safety, their family and the entire community'.

As more local areas face tighter restrictions, concerns have been raised over single person households and whether an exemption can be given.

Mr Skates said: "We are acutely aware of the stress and anxiety people living single households are facing right now and if we can support them in any way, we will do."

The Minister was asked about people in England, in local lockdown areas, being allowed to travel to Wales.

Rules are in place to 'inform people as to what they can and cannot do'.

He added that people have a duty to society about what they should do, across the UK.

He urged people to do what they can to reduce the level of infection.

If people do travel, they should 'take all precautions' they can.