A BANGOR man’s ‘campaign of rape’ has ended with him being sent to prison for more than a decade.

Trevor Jones, of High Street in Bangor, appeared before a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court and admitted to 33 charges of rape and was handed a life sentence for minimum of 11 years and 238 days.

The prosecution, Simon Rogers, described Jones’ crimes as a ‘campaign of rape’ against four young girls which span more than 10 years as he outlined details before the court.

He told the judge how Jones’ victims – who cannot be named or identified for legal reasons – were all under the age of 13 when his abuse began.

The hearing was told that Jones, 48, made these girls do various acts for his sexual pleasure and that the girls were ‘terrified’ of the physical abuse they would receive at Jones’ hands as well.

The brave girls gave statements in court about the abuse.

One called Jones a ‘monster’ as she recalled the horrific things, he forced her to do as a youth and added that she had “lost [her] childhood because of him”.

She says that Jones would restrict her freedoms and control what friends she could and could not see alongside the sexual abuse.

A second said in court that she was first abused at the age of 12 and cannot remember a happy childhood memory because of Jones and only remembers the fear he caused.

She added that Jones would always ‘get his way’ with his victims and it made her physically sick at points. She went on to say that he often made violent threats to keep quiet about the abuse and was too afraid to make friends knowing how Jones would react.

Two more victims gave evidence through prepared statements which recount similar types of horrific abuse that spanned several years.

The defence, Dafydd Roberts, admitted the judge that his client understands he would face a lengthy prison sentence.

The judge, Timothy Petts, handed Jones his sentence saying that he would also be required to be on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life.

Speaking after the sentencing, DC Ian Hughes of the Amethyst team said: “This was an appalling campaign of abuse against a number of girls. I would like to acknowledge the courage of the victims in coming forward and their determination to support the investigation throughout.

“I hope this sentence reassures them and the community that we will take robust action against such offenders.

“The North Wales Police Amethyst Team are a team dedicated to the investigation of rape offences. We provide a specialist service to support victims through each stage of the investigation process.

“If any person does not feel ready to report to the Police then support services can be accessed via the confidential Amethyst Sarc helpline on 0808 156 36568.”