A DERELICT 13th-century watermill in Aberdaron is set to be restored to working order.

The grade II-listed Melin Daron, dated to 1252, has lost the wheel that once turned to grind corn into flour for baking bread, which provided an importance source of sustenance for residents living near the Llyn Peninsula village.

Community interest group Melin Daron, which has recruited a small group of volunteers, said it hopes the site will become a popular visitor attraction for tourists and school trips to learn about food production made during the medieval period.

“Our vision is to develop Melin Daron to benefit our community and for school children to grind locally grown corn into flour and bake it into bread at the adjacent Islwyn Bakery," said project director Roy Milnes.

It has received development funding from the Architectural Heritage Fund and the Llyn AONB has permitted the appointment of Architects Donald Insall and Engineering specialists Dorothea Restorations.

The project team are working towards a project timeline for restoration work to commence in mid 2021.

Melin Daron has also launched a Crowdfunding page for donations.

For more information visit melindaron.org or contact roymelindaron@gmail.com