A scramble for loose change to pay for parking looks to be a thing of the past in Gwynedd thanks to a new smartphone app.

The local authority has announced a new cashless system which will allow payment by phone for all 56 council-run car parks.

The online system which will be introduced from August 3, allows people to pay for the time they need without having to find the exact change.

But as well as its convenience, council bosses believe that the move will also help prevent the spread of Coronavirus – in line with World Health Organisation advice against using cash payments.

Cllr Gareth Griffith, the cabinet member for the Environment, said: “Over recent months, we have all become more accustomed to cashless payment as part of efforts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

“The new car-parking system which will be in place across 56 of Gwynedd Council’s car-parks will offer a quick and convenient way of paying for your parking.

“The online app allows people to pay for the time they need on their smartphone without having to find the correct change.”

“We believe that this new system will help to ensure that we continue to play our part to stop the spread of the virus, as well as offering more flexibility for shoppers as more people visit our town centres and popular shopping destinations.

“Whether you’re out doing your shopping or meeting friends for a socially distanced coffee or bite to eat, the app sends you helpful reminders to before your time runs out. So there’s no excuse, you can top-up your parking without having to return to the car.”

Drivers will be able to pay for parking on their phones through the PayByPhone app which is available to download from the App Store or Google Play Store and more information is available at www.paybyphone.co.uk.

Motorists will also be able to locate parking areas before they set off using a maps feature on the app. Once you’re parked, motorists can pin their location so they can easily find their car later.