AN ANGLESEY mum is taking on the 'One Million Step' challenge to mark her daughter's one-year diagnosis with type one diabetes.

Beth Jones Weaver from Benllech works in a nursery and was taken by surprise last summer, when her daughter Avangeline, who was two years old at the time was rushed to hospital with Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) - a serious complication of type one diabetes.

28-year-old Beth said: "I thought she was going through a growth spurt, she was eating and drinking so much more. She was also so tired that started falling asleep anywhere and everywhere. Then, on the night before her diagnosis we realised how thin she had actually got because we could see her ribs and spine and then that night she began vomiting and struggling to breathe."

Avangeline recovered fast, is healthy now on a Dexcom to monitor her blood glucose levels to help her mother keep her safe, and waiting for a pump, but Beth felt guilty for not picking up on the symptoms sooner: “I want to do this challenge to raise awareness among people who know nothing about diabetes, so they can understand, recognise the symptoms and live a normal life, like Avangeline is doing. She loves drawing and dancing and is looking forward to starting nursery in September.

“Avangeline is very active, keeping up with her sisters but sometimes runs out of energy. She coped amazingly well with her diabetes and can feel changes, knowing she needs her injection before food and doesn’t let diabetes stop her, even if she gets tired. I am very proud of how brave she is."

Beth joined the Anglesey Diabetes UK group, which she found to be good for support, as well as social media diabetes groups.

She said: “I am doing 10,000 steps a day until I reach the one million goal in September to coincide with Avangeline’s Diaversary, to mark her diagnosis and spread the word to other parents, so people can recognise the symptoms”.

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