A MAN caught driving at speed with no headlights on Anglesey was also over the legal drink drive limit and, as a result, has been charged and will appear before court soon.

The driver was caught on Kingsland Road, Holyhead, during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

North Wales Police say this is one of many cases they have dealt with over recent days whereby several people have failed the roadside breath and drugs test.

As travel restrictions have now eased, officers are reminding motorists that they will continue to crack down on those caught driving whilst under the influence and are warning that education and enforcement to remind drivers of their responsibilities will be stepped up.

Sergeant Trystan Bevan of the Roads Policing Unit said: “Despite repeated warnings regarding the dangers of drink and drug driving, people are still choosing to risk their own lives and the lives of other road users by taking to the roads whilst under the influence.

“Those arrested on suspicion of drug driving now have an anxious wait for the results of further tests. If convicted of drug driving they could face being disqualified, receive a fine, a prison sentence and a criminal record. Few people also realise that a drug drive conviction also means greater insurance costs and the possibility of being unable to travel to countries such as the USA.

“Some have also been charged with drink driving and will appear before court over the coming weeks.

“Driving with excess alcohol or whilst under the influence of drugs is not just a criminal offence but also completely unacceptable which risks lives. There are no words to describe the devastation caused by drink and drug driving. Having to tell someone their loved one has been killed because a driver made the selfish decision to get behind the wheel whilst under the influence is the worst part of our job.”