A Labour councillor in Gwynedd has urged party colleagues in Cardiff Bay to “press on” with the reopening of the hospitality industry.

On Monday the First Minister said that talks were continuing on how pubs and restaurants could be reopened for the first time since March, with some kind of announcement expected over the coming days.

Mark Drakeford went on to say that the Welsh Government was “getting to the point where they have a list of measures that the sector is proposing”, adding that they needed to put those plans to the chief medical officer for his view before any formal update is released.

Boris Johnson has already announced that the two-metre rule will be cut to ‘one metre plus’ to allow hospitality businesses in England to reopen from July 4.

In Scotland, meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed on that outdoor hospitality, including beer gardens, would be allowed to reopen from July 6.

A further announcement is expected allowing Scottish pubs and restaurants to open their indoor spaces on a “limited basis” from July 15, with more detailed guidance provided to hospitality businesses “as soon as possible”.

But while no firm dates have yet been announced here, Gwynedd Council’s sole Labour councillor has urged decision makers in Wales to also allow pubs and restaurants that can accommodate social distancing measures to open “as soon as is practicable.”

Cllr Sion Jones, who represents the Bethel ward, told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “I’m confident there will be brisk trade when restaurants and pubs are able to reopen.

“Caernarfon, for example, seems to be busy, so it’s natural to hope that those businesses that remain closed will now receive a formal date to reopen as well.”

To facilitate their reopening, Cllr Jones suggests that they adhere to a “one metre plus” guideline as is the case in England, rather than the two metres which remains in place on this side of Offa’s Dyke.

Cllr Jones, who announced this week that he plans to step down as a county councillor at the 2022 local elections after a decade representing Bethel, added:  “If they can open let them do so, even if it means having to book tables in advance.

“If the pubs feel they’re in a position to reopen and its feasible for them because of space, then great.

“But also, let the Government continue to support those that can’t open if its not economically viable or they simply don’t have the space.

“I understand that some are opposed but I’ve spoken to many bar owners who are desperate to open up again, but are also fearful that too many barriers will be thrown in their way.

“The Welsh Government can lead on this, taking on board their needs and work with businesses so that they can reopen.”

He added: “We have to move on with this, as part of my work I carry out business surveys and I’ve never encountered so many business owners planning to sell as they’ve lost all confidence.

“If any flare-ups break out then, by all means, we’d have to do what we’ve seen in Leicester this week but we have to look forward now.”

Meanwhile, wth less than two years remaining of his planned term on Gwynedd Council, Cllr Jones revealed his two main ambitions that still remain.

“We have secured over a Million pounds worth of funding to improve Bethel and Seion, which has made a massive impact for the area.

“I have two projects that I want to see finishing before I go, which is the Bethel Football Club facilities, and also to ensure the start of the Bethel to Caernarfon cycling route.

“It is the highest honour of my life serving this beautiful area, but I am now looking forward to travel more and develop my business.”