A MAN has been sentenced to twelve weeks in jail after he had become aggressive towards British Transport Police officers at Bangor Railway Station.

On June 19, local officers were called to assist British Transport Police colleagues when Bradley Norman was intoxicated and being persistently abusive and aggressive towards members of the British Transport Police in front of numerous commuters waiting for the train.

The 22-year-old was subsequently arrested and violently resisted, kicking one of the officers. Controlled drugs were later found in his shoe.

Following arrest, he continued to be aggressive and caused damage to the police cell in Caernarfon. He was charged with public order offences, assaulting an emergency worker, possession of a controlled drug and criminal damage.

Acting Inspector Chris Hargrave said: "This is another example of antisocial behaviour committed whilst intoxicated on drink and drugs.

"Behaviour like this at a train station at 10.30 in the morning is not acceptable, and it was no doubt distressing for the other commuters. We continue to work in partnership with our colleagues at the British Transport Police, and support them with anyone committing criminal offences at the train stations or on the rail network."