A HOUSE fire in a Gwynedd village was sparked by an electrical fault.

This was in Carmel near Y Fron.

Two crews were sent from Caernarfon on Thursday, March 26 at 5.46am.

A spokesperson from North Wales Fire and Rescue said: "There was damage to the main fuse box, fire and smoke to the floor area.

"It was a semi detached domestic property."

One casualty was checked over at the scene.

An appeal is being made to the public, whilst staying at home, to take extra care and to help reduce the demand on North Wales Fire and Rescue service.

Simon Smith, chief fire officer at North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said: "Our fire and rescue service will continue to work to maintain the safety of our staff and our communities as we join forces with our partners to ensure your safety remains paramount. But you, the public, also have a really important part to play.

"Firstly - stay at home.

"Secondly - whilst you are at home the biggest favour you can do for us right now is to take extra care, so that you reduce the demand on our services.

"From experience, we know that when people spend more time at home the risk of fire can increase.

"So, I am urging everyone to take extra care to help us to prevent incidents from happening in the first place.

"This will help to take pressure off all our emergency services and our partner organisations."

Advice for people staying in the home is as follows:

Test your smoke alarm – look after your alarm so that it can look after you

Many fires start in the kitchen – just one distraction is all it takes

Smoking is a common cause of fires – so put it out, right out

With a full house, make sure your electrical sockets are not overloaded

Switch off everything before you go to bed - many house fires start at night.

Farmers and landowners are urged to avoid burning on their land – if you absolutely must, please notify our control room on 01931 522 006.

Simon added: "I am also making an urgent appeal for people to think hard about the consequences of their actions – it is extremely disheartening to hear of our crews called to deliberate fires at this time of national emergency when we all need to pull together.

"Such behaviour is completely unacceptable. We need residents to help reduce demand on our firefighters at this crucial time – actions like this do not help us keep our community safe. Parents in particular should please ensure their children stay home.

"We know that times are tough for businesses – we are still here if you need advice about protecting your business and reducing fire as you deal with new challenges.

Together we can get through this crisis. Together we can stay safe."