A TEENAGER from Gwynedd has shown "courage, strength and determination" to become the first female to pass out of the Infantry Training Centre with the Welsh Guards.

Yasmin Williams had always dreamt of becoming a guardsman. However, upon leaving Ysgol Tryfan School, Bangor, she applied for the role through Army Careers but was rejected and told the infantry were not taking on any women at the time.

The 17-year-old from Bangor then signed up to the Military Preparation College for Training (MPCT) in Bangor and spent a year there, building her confidence and fitness up in the process.

Yasmin then went on to re-apply for the infantry once there was an opening for females and, according to mum Zoe, despite Yasmin being told it would be "too hard" for her and that she should "join a different regiment", she passed.

Zoe said: "Yasmin knew what she wanted an said 'no thank you, I want to become a guardsman'.

"Yasmin has become an amazing young lady at the young age of 17. She has shown courage, strength, determination, commitment and reached her goal. Yasmin Elizabeth williams your mam and dad are so so proud of you with what you have achieved. You are one amazing, talented, ambitious, passionate individual who has made history. All your family and friends are with you and we hope you have an amazing life as a guardsman and a fantastic future.

Since early 2019, women have been able to apply for roles with the Welsh Guards' regiment. Yasmin is the very first female to pass selection through the Welsh Guard infantry.

She joined the infantry on July 14 2019 and passed out on February 21, 2020.

Former colleagues at MPCT Bangor said: "We would like to say a huge congratulations to all who passed out at ITC Catterick and a special mention goes to Yasmin Williams who has become the first ever female Welsh Guard.

"We are hugely proud of you, you were an excellent student, recruit and you will be with out a doubt an excellent soldier."