A MAN pleaded for his life after a neighbour fired a harpoon in his flat – missing him but striking a picture frame, a court heard on Monday.

Neil Jones, 27, of Pwllheli, Gwynedd, then retrieved the three-pronged bolt and threatened to kill Timothy Judge but did not fire again.

Prosecutor Sarah Badrawy said police had found two spear guns as well as missiles in Jones’ flat.

He pleaded guilty at Caernarfon crown court to making a threat to kill in the 12.30am incident on December 10 and to having a harpoon gun, an offensive weapon, and was jailed for twelve months.

Judge Huw Rees told him that serious injury or even death could have resulted.

“You had a fearsome weapon and you fired it and after made further threats to kill,” he added.

The judge said in the past Jones had been in trouble for possessing cocaine but whatever his lifestyle carrying a weapon in future would mean longer periods behind bars.

The prosecution accepted a plea of not guilty to attempted wounding with intent and the charge was allowed to lie on the file.

Defence counsel Elen Owen remarked : “Clearly he was very drunk.” However there was no physical assault nor injury. A few years ago Jones lost an eye in a machete attack and this had a devastating effect on him.

An order was made for the two long-barrelled spear guns and their missiles to be destroyed and a five-year restraining order bans any contact with the victim