A WOMAN from Gwynedd's weight loss journey has inspired her to become a Weight Watchers coach - helping her members lose a combined total of 555 stone in weight during 2019.

Amanda Dingli from Caernarfon has been a coach for the last 18 months. The 43-year-old went from 12st 3lbs to 9st 5lbs on her journey, but is now working hard to help others achieve their weight loss targets.

Amanda said: "My life took a dramatic turn when my long term relationship ended and my teenage son moved abroad, I found myself living alone and with nothing to focus on.

"Nothing to put excuses on like I had to take care of my son, or to go home and make dinner,or clean the house. I had tried several different diets over the years but never stuck to them due to the restrictions on the foods I could eat.

"I had wanted to lose weight for a while and did not realise how much weight I had put on until I saw my holiday pics of when I went to Iceland with my son, sister and nephew. No one really tells you ‘My god, you have put on so much weight!’ and I honestly did not think that I looked that big (until I saw the photos). For once in my life I had a reason to do something for myself and not to make anyone happy.

"My manager, Ffion, started WW in November 2016 and I saw the difference it made to her in just a few months. I decided to join, not really believing that I had the strength or determination to do it, but thought it would be worth a go.

So, in February 2017, I started my journey. The first few months weren’t easy. It is a whole lifestyle change from eating convenience foods, take aways and always having cakes and donuts in the office, to having quite a bit of will power and having the strength to make healthier choices. Those choices became a habit and challenging myself to come up with new recipes with the least smart points.

"A month after joining I decided to introduce some exercise into my life. Living in the beautiful countryside in North Wales, there are plenty of scenic places to go out walking and jogging.

"My coach is amazing. She always knows the right thing to say to encourage me. She has always been there as a point of contact when I had doubts or felt myself ‘failing’.

"Reaching my goal on Wednesday 6th December 2017 was such an overwhelming experience. I cried tears of happiness – it is such a sense of achievement to reach my goal weight – and all in the space of 10 months. I’m even prouder that I’ve since maintained that weight loss through the healthy habits I’ve found through Weight Watchers.

"Now that I’m a Weight Watchers coach, I hope I can keep inspiring people to start their journey."