EVER wanted to experience the life of Owain Glyndŵr? Well, soon you can thanks to an upcoming video game due to be completed this year.

Skjold Game Studio, based in both the United States and Manchester, are into the latter stages of creating ‘Battle Siege Royale’.

The computer game is based on the battles of the Glyndŵr Rising, or the ‘Welsh Revolt’, which took place between 1400 and 1415.

The game sees players do battle with the English to reclaim their native lands, with its main storyline set after the English conquest of the last independent Welsh kingdom in 1282.

Players must choose a weapon, defend their castle and outwit opponents, with a further option to play against friends available in the game’s other modes.

Gamers will be able to visit and siege Conwy, Rhuddlan and Denbigh Castles, among others. Other locations include St. Asaph, where players can restore health and Betws Y Coed for exploration.

‘Battle Siege Royale’ was created by coder Jordan Heaton, modeller Simon Griffiths and head of marketing Will Goad.

Speaking about the game and its background, Jordan, who is 31 and from Colorado, said: “Both me and Simon have Welsh ancestry, which is why North Wales was an easy setting to agree on.

“The game takes a few artistic liberties on account that many of these castles were built by King Edward over a decade later, but the premise is that the player will fight to retake portions of Wales under Royal authority and seek to be recognized as the Prince of Wales by the English.

“Programming was the longest part, taking about eight months. The construction of Gwynedd and Conwy has taken about two months but we still have Flint and Wrexham to add too. All said and done, the game should be done after a year of production.”

“Gamers can find Battle Siege Royal on virtual store Steam and play on Windows, Mac and Linux. We are also working with Nintendo on a Switch port for the end of this year.

“Game Development is one of the most powerful forms of creative expression because it enables a player to go inside the painting and explore their own way. It offers freedom to both the creator and the player.

“I’d like to thank the folks at GameDev.tv for their help to the developer community with educational courses and the numerous times they’ve featured our game and studio. Also indieDB.com for their efforts to bring small studio games to the public eye and for featuring us on the front page a couple of times.”

The game is expected to launch for PC use on April 30, 2020. Jordan says Sjkold hope to add expansions such as the Viking invasion of Northumberland and the Norman invasion.