A 999 TIME-WASTER has been jailed for 32 weeks by a weekend special court after making two further calls to the police while under a suspended sentence.

Anita Jones, 34, of Trem Eryri, Llanfair PG, Anglesey, was told by magistrates’ chairman Alastair Langdon at Llandudno :”Within two weeks of the suspended sentence you telephoned the emergency services.”

She admitted making a nuisance call and had offended in a similar manner previously.

The suspended jail term of 26 weeks was activated with six weeks for the new offence to be served consecutively.

David Mainstone, prosecuting, said police found Jones slumped in a chair at her home, under the influence of alcohol. She’d said :”I’m sorry. I need help.”

Defence solicitor Bethan Williams said Jones, on benefit, was due to go into residential detox for her alcoholism. The defendant was apologetic.