TRAFFIC officers stuck their necks out to rescue a swan from the A55 in Gwynedd this morning.

Motorists had been warned to "take care" amid reports of the bird being spotted travelling eastbound between J9 Treborth and J10 Bangor.

A Traffic Wales spokesperson said: "It (The swan) was found to have a injured wing and is currently being looked after by a local vet."

Drivers were told to take care when travelling in the area this morning.

Wild unmarked mute swans belong to the Crown.

As such this means that taking or killing a swan could amount to theft and injuring them could amount to criminal damage (both these offences committed against swans have been successfully prosecuted in recent years).

If you see an injured swan then contact the RSPCA. Do not approach as swans can attack and you may injure yourself or further distress/injure the bird.

Instead, contact RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.