AN ACT of 'mindless vandalism' which has blighted a treasured Langefni nature reserve has been slammed by county councillors.

Hundreds of pounds worth of damaged was caused at the Dingle in Llangefni recently, evening and more than 50 yards of wooden fencing was torn down.

Much of the fencing ended up in the river, which runs through the Dingle - a 42 acre wooded valley, rich in wildlife and history.

Anglesey’s Countryside and AONB Team and volunteers spent two days making a large area of the woodland safe and replacing the damaged section.

The vandalism has been condemned by Canolbarth Môn Councillors, Dylan Rees, Bob Parry and Nicola Roberts.

Speaking on their behalf, Cllr Dylan Rees, said, “In my view this represents a serious offence of criminal damage and I hope that the offenders responsible are brought to account as soon as possible.

"The Dingle is a highly prized community resource treasured by locals and visitors alike; and it is a tragedy to see it damaged like this.”

“It is supposed to be the season of goodwill, unfortunately these actions showed nothing but ill-will towards our community. I would urge anyone who has any information about the culprits to contact North Wales Police immediately.”

Countryside and AONB Warden, Dylan Owen, added, “We were so disappointed to see this damage at the Dingle.

The Countryside & AONB Team spent two days, with the support of some of our fantastic volunteers, erecting temporary netting and then fixing the wooden fencing and making the Dingle safe again.

Much of the missing fencing was removed from sections above the river itself and we were fortunate that there were no accidents as a result.”

North Wales Police are currently investigating this incident. If you have any information, please contact them on 101.