MY message today is simple.

Enjoy your Christmas.

Eat and drink whatever you want... but don’t have too much of anything.

Know when to stop AND get active – even just a little – every single day.

Christmas is fattening.

We know this.

The average weight gain for a Brit is 5lbs. That's the average.

I've known people gain 10-12lbs over Christmas and New Year.

So, let me help with these 10 ways to avoid weight gain this Christmas. There are actually 13 of them for you, as once I got started I couldn’t stop!

If you do five of these, you will avoid gaining much.

If you do them ALL you will probably lose weight over Christmas!

1. Set a baseline. Weigh, measure and photograph yourself NOW. This way you will be able to see what's happened. Do this to make yourself accountable to yourself.

2. Every morning repeat - out loud - "I will stay gorgeous this Christmas by being careful with my treats".

3. Start your Christmas food no earlier than Christmas Eve (with the exception of a Christmas do).

4. Decide on your No Consume Window. Have hours in the day when nothing goes into your mouth. Be strong with this.

5. Wait an hour before your first drink. Be in control.

6. Sit away from the chocolates or crisps. Better still, have them in another room.

7. If there's something you know you cannot eat just one of - crisps or Pringles maybe - try to just not start!

8. Get up from the table. Be aware of those danger times... especially when that cheese comes out.

9. When you're not eating or drinking, get active. Play charades, staircase surf, go for a walk, dance, play with the kids, or the dog.

10. Do nicer things than telly. Do things that make you all laugh. Do you really need to watch five hours of TV?

11. Promise to match telly time with walking time. Earn that film!

12. Alternate alcohol with sparkling water - in a nice glass with ice and a slice it is lovely. It will keep you waist trim your skin clear, stop you over-eating and help avoid a hangover.

13. Wear close fitted clothes. That way you get that warning signal to your brain when things start to expand. Christmas Day is not a time to wear a bag... unless you want to feel like one on New Years Day.

If, come December 28, you start to feel like this poor cat then seek me out.

I have ways to help you which won’t cost you a penny.

It's never too early (or too late) to work on those New Year’s Resolutions. 2020 could be Your Year!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and peaceful Christmas. And thank you for reading my articles.