A FORMER housing association officer involved in re-housing a man after an arson attack had arranged for funeral package plans and a voodoo doll to be sent to him.

Magistrates at Caernarfon also heard that the victim was sent a book “ABC of Heart Failure” and discovered a company had been set up in his name.

Gareth Lloyd Williams, 44, of Tan Treflys, Bethesda, Gwynedd, pleaded guilty to harassment between May 19 and June 10.

A twelve weeks suspended jail term was imposed with 150 hours unpaid work and rehabilitation, and he must pay £250 compensation.

A restraining order was made.

At an earlier hearing, defence solicitor Graham Parry said he disputed sending malicious Facebook messages from fake profiles accusing the victim of being a paedophile, sending him a homemade poster calling the man a “wanted paedophile” and responsibility for a fabricated document.

Mr Parry said Williams no longer worked for the housing association and wasn’t at the time of the offence.

Prosecutor James Neary said the victim had received Dignity, Coop and other funeral plans which were ordered online.

Police found Williams had been the victim’s housing officer but the defendant disliked him following complaints.

Following the harassment, the man had changed his locks and had security cameras installed at his home.

“This is a very nasty series of messages,” Mr Neary remarked.