PLAID CYMRU’S Hywel Williams came out on top once more.

Mr Williams, the Arfon constituency’s MP since 2001, received 13,354 votes with Labour’s Steffie Williams-Roberts second with 10,353.

Gonul Daniels (Conservatives) was third with 4,428 and the Brexit Party's Gary Gribben receiving just 1,159. 92 voting slips were rejected.

Mr Williams thanked his agent, his party and family - including wife Myfanwy and children Owain and Enlli adding that, when talking about Welsh Independence it was “high time that Wales cut a new key for its own front door” and praised the march held in Caernarfon which attracted 8,000 people.

“This election in Arfon is a signpost for others to come, such as 2021," he said.

"There is no monopoly as far as progressive politics are concerned. So I would say to anyone with a concern for the environment, health, education or growth of our economy. To anyone not willing to accept that it has to be like this, that we are a poor country that’s underperforming, I’d say join us now. Not joining the party I represent, but the movement.”