A DOG who ran away after enduring a ruff time with fireworks, only to return home six days later, is recovering well from an operation.

10-year-old Spaniel Megan featured in the North Wales Chronicle edition published two weeks ago, having escaped from her home in Brynteg, Anglesey.

Her owner Kay Middlemiss was beginning to lose all hope when she had not seen or heard from her for five days. But then, on the sixth day, she returned home against all odds.

Kay had kept her in during the weekend, when firework displays were most likely to take place, but at around 7pm on November 4, Megan took a stroll round the garden after her evening meal before disappearing.

Since returning home, undergoing an operation and being published in The Chronicle, Kay says Megan has become something of a local celebrity around Brynteg.

"The post lady asked me how Megan was getting on the other day, having read about her in the paper," she said.

"I am so happy to say that Megan is now doing fine. She had to have an operation to repair the damage to her hind leg. The stitches come out next week but it will take time to get her strength back after the ordeal.”

Widowed pensioner Kay says the incident has highlighted the kindness of those who live around her, as well as their stances on opposing fireworks.

She said: "To all who contacted me about Megan, and to The Chronicle for publicising her cause, I say a sincere 'Thank You’.

"I ask those people who thoughtlessly let off fireworks to consider the dogs, cats, horses, other pets and farm animals who are terrified of loud bangs and do not understand that it is all done for the fun of it. Isn’t it time we banned this insensitive practice and stuck to organised local displays?"