MORE THAN two hundred birds have been found dead on an Anglesey road.

Dafydd Edwards and his partner Hannah Stevens made the grim discovery near Llyn Llywenan in Bodedern on Tuesday night.

Mr Edwards said: "There were at least two hundred starlings there, but I have no idea what happened to them if I'm honest.

"Apparently something similar took place close to the same area some 10 years ago. My partner said the birds were eating something on the road - an hour later they were dead."

Mr Edwards captured footage of the birds on the road and posted it in the North Wales Bird and Wildlife Sightings group on Facebook.

North Wales Chronicle:

Starlings found on the road in Bodedern, Anglesey. Image: Dafydd Edwards

He says he has also got in touch with the Plant Health Agency in the hope that they can shed some light on the incident.

Officers from North Wales Police's Rural Crime Team have visited the scene this morning and are now asking anyone with any information to get in touch.

PC Dewi Evans said: "Many of you will have seen on social media a video going round of an incident on Anglesey where numerous starling have been killed. We don't know how it's happened.

"We're just outside Bodedern here by Llyn Llywenan and as you can see on the road here there's approx 225 dead starling on the road itself and many others on the hedge along the side of the road but no starling apparent in the fields either side which is very strange.

"We've got officers from the animal and plant health agency here who are going to seize some of these starlings with a view to having them examined to look for poison for example or any other thing that might have killed these animals.

"It happened yesterday evening at around 3:40pm so if you have any information or if you might have seen it happen here because it is very strange, please let us know."