Plaid Cymru hit the campaign trail in Bangor over the weekend, with the party aiming to retain Wales’ most marginal constituency.

Arfon – currently held on a majority of only 92 votes – is set to be one of the races to watch on Thursday as both Labour and the Conservatives aim to overturn’s Plaid’s wafer thin lead.

During a visit to Bangor over the weekend, Adam Price addressed the party faithful and took part in the campaigning effort.

He added that a vote for Hywel Williams in Arfon would “be a vote for the people of Arfon and Wales towards ending unfairness, oppression and inequality.”

“Wales is an afterthought to the two main Westminster parties,” he said.

“The only reason they remember our nation exists is because of Plaid Cymru,

“‪Next Thursday‬ we have a chance to deliver a change to Wales’s standing in Westminster like never before, by electing the highest number of Plaid Cymru MPs ever.

“The scales will be forced to tip in our nation’s favour if we elect MPs who make Wales’s voice heard in Westminster.

“From the Withdrawal Agreement to the election debates between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, Wales has too often failed to get a single mention.

“The way we can fix that is simple – make them sit up and listen to our nation by voting for Wales’s Party, for Plaid Cymru.

“There is less than a week to make Wales matter to Westminster.”