A RAPTUROUS welcome met Jeremy Corbyn as he stopped off at Bangor on the campaign trail.

With just four days to go to the General Election, Mr Corbyn smiled, waved and greeted a full auditorium of supporters and Labour party activists at Pontio.

He was speaking at the rally alongside Welsh Labour candidates for Arfon, Steffie Williams Roberts, and for Ynys Môn, Mary Roberts, who both addressed the crowds.

The rally had been slightly delayed after security staff were asked to speak with an audience member.

But when Mr Corbyn arrived, smart and relaxed in a dark suit and white open necked shirt, he was greeted with cheering, clapping, and the infamous chant "Oh Jeremy Corbyn," which has become a regular feature during his campaign appearances.

Even little Noa, Steffie Williams Roberts, son, who is almost three, gave Mr Corbyn a special rendition of the chant after he was picked up for a cuddle by him at the end of the rally.

Among the topics addressed during the speech Mr Corbyn said the fight was on defeat the Tories and made the emphatic statement that under Labour the NHS was "NOT for sale."

He also spoke of the "brutal and cruel" system that was Universal Credit pledging that Labour would abolish it.

He highlighted the importance of addressing the climate emergency, "an issue that cannot be ignored" saying Labour would push for zero carbon emissions by 2030.

He talked of pushing for green, sustainable energy solutions commenting with a smile that Wales had "plenty of water and wind."

Mr Corbyn also spoke of the plight four million children living in poverty and the shocking increase in modern Britain for the need for foodbanks.

He said the price of austerity was not being paid by the 150 billionaires in the UK but by people on low incomes, and especially the young.

"The only way to increase prosperity was to invest," he said and "there was no better investment than investing in young people and children." 

He reminded activist to remember they were working for future generations.

He also said Labour would if elected raise the National Minimum wage to £10, to raising living standards, and would compensate the WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality).

A light hearted moment came during Mr Corbyn's speech when he impersonated Boris Johnson, to roars of laughter from the crowd.

He said of the Prime Minister "Within 18 hours of him coming to power, he had promised to build 40 hospitals, which soon reduced to 20, then six then to six, then a seeded idea.

"I'd asked him how it was possible and he said oh, oh ahh ooh you know old boy, er, oh ah, bluster bluster I can't answer that!"

"That was not a serious answer, but we are serious in our manifesto to protecting our NHS, jobs and services." Mr Corbyn added.

At the end of the speech Mr Corbyn rallied the crowds and the two candidates saying go out and "Let's beat the Tories and "win for Labour."

Steffie Williams Roberts, said: "The rally was just amazing. You could feel the hope in the air. It was fantastic.

"Noa loved singing “choccy in the morning” to “Uncle Jeremy” he totally stole the show!"

Mary Roberts added: "What a great experience to be here today and to have much support from people in the town and the party activists."