CLIMATE campaigners will be staging a "12 days of crisis" demo in Bangor.

The Extinction Rebellion protesters will be near Bangor Cathedral, on the High Street on Saturday.

Starting at 10.30am, the demonstration, is part of a UK wide “Election Rebellion” which aims to sound the alarm on the climate and ecological crises ahead of the General Election.

Among the action, will be a performance of the “12 days of Crisis”, a recently composed song by local musician Neil Browning.

An “ice bucket challenge” style action will also be staged to highlight the melting ice caps and glaciers.

Following their action, campaigners will deliver a “Merry Crisis” card to the BBC in Bangor, to urge the public broadcaster to increase its coverage of the urgent and existential threats that the climate and ecological crises pose this generation.

They will then join XR Youth’s “Vote for the Climate” action by Bangor Clock Tower, which starts at 12 noon.

With just 5 days until the public goes to the polls, campaigners want to ensure that the need for urgent action on the climate and biodiversity in the next parliament is at the forefront of voters’ minds.

“"We are days away from a contest between parties with widely differing levels of ambition in their environmental policies, so this election will set the course for success or failure that determines the fate of future generations and hundreds of millions of people in the Global South already struggling with climate breakdown. I would urge everyone voting on the 12th to consider parties' environmental policies as paramount when voting. Organisations such as Friends of the Earth have published reviews of the major parties' manifestos which are a useful resource."

Jamie Stroud, 31, local chef.

Regardless of which candidates win in North Wales, activists say our MPs will be held to account for whether and how they act and vote on the climate emergency. University worker Ayeisha McGugan explains why this is so important to her:

“Scientists say the next five years are crucial for making sure we have a safe and habitable planet to live on in the future. I'm a young working person with hopes to have a family soon, but our current trajectory makes me feel scared to bring children into this world. Everything that matters to me hinges on this.”

Sentiments echoed by 20 year old Macey Gray: “The action that needs to be taken in the next few years by the UK Government is vital in our battle against this human caused climate and ecological crisis. If nothing changes and the next government carries on the inaction we’ve seen so far, then I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to bring myself to have the family I’ve always wanted. I’m terrified of what the future might hold for me, never mind further down the line for the next generation.”

Grandmother and therapist Heather Bolten also expressed concern for younger generations:

“I cannot give up on the possibility that our politicians and governments will come to their senses and start to act urgently in response to the Ecological Crisis. Surely even those strongly invested in the status quo can see that their future and their children's and grandchildren’s future are threatened by continuing business as usual"

The 12 Days of Crisis represents the next stage in a mounting campaign by Extinction Rebellion in the run-up to the Climate and Ecological Emergency Election. Already, Rebels in their second week of hunger striking have secured meetings with four of the seven main UK political parties – Labour, Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru – to encourage our politicians to support the Three Demands Bill and explore the use of Citizens Assemblies.