A BENCH which aims to beat loneliness by bringing people together for a chat has been unveiled in Holyhead.

The 'Celtic Friendship Bench' was commissioned by the Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire Link.

Placed in Holyhead Town Centre, near the Communities First shop, the bench was recently unveiled by Jeff Evans and Ann Kennedy, members of the Link group.

By the seat a sign explains its purpose. It reads: "Celtic Friendship Bench. 'Hello.' Strangers yesterday. Talk today. Friends forever. Sitting, smiling, caring, sharing."

Jeff Evans said, " Alas there many people who, for a variety of reasons are lonely; have no family or family who live away, and have few or no friends.

"The bench is just a small gesture in the community to show people there are people who care, to share a smile, to say hello, or listen.

"It's a place where people, who perhaps have no-one to talk to can share life issues, or just have an informal friendly chit chat.

If you see a person sitting on the bench, walk across, smile, say hello, make that person's day."