A DOG who endured a 'ruff' encounter with fireworks, provided a 'fairy-tail' ending to her owner's worries when she returned home six days after running away.

Megan, a ten-year-old Spaniel, had escaped from a house near Brynteg, Anglesey, following a fireworks scare.

Her owner Kay Middlemiss was beginning to lose all hope when she had not seen or heard from her for five days. But then, on the sixth day, she returned home against all odds.

Kay had kept her in during the weekend, when firework displays were most likely to take place, but at around 7pm on November 4, Megan took a stroll round the garden after her evening meal before disappearing.

Kay said: “As soon as I heard the bangs, I rushed into the garden calling her but it was too late. She had vanished into the night.

"She ran because she was terrified of the huge bangs and flashing lights that were exploding above her head.

"She didn’t know about fireworks. She didn’t understand that some thoughtless people think it’s fun to turn a peaceful, farming countryside into a war zone for a few minutes’ spectacle - and itt wasn’t even bonfire night.

"On the fifth day following her disappearance, I decided that Megan could not have survived the cold, wet weather, starvation and predators, such as foxes. I wept - the not knowing was unbearable.

"But this story does have a happy ending. On the sixth day, Megan walked back into my kitchen – dripping wet, filthy, her coat matted in burrs and trailing brambles, limping badly, but alive!

"No one knows where she has been. She is traumatised and needs surgery on her leg."

Widowed pensioner Kay added that, if nothing else, the incident has highlighted the kindness of those who live around her, as well as their stances on opposing fireworks.

She said: "Locals had turned out to search for her but there was no trace. The police suggested posting her disappearance on Facebook and the response was amazing.

"People turned up in wellies and raincoats, some brought dogs, some came armed with sticks to beat down the brambles; the searching went on from first light until dark and a man from Llanfairfechan arrived with a drone to scour the surrounding fields.

"Not only have I discovered how supportive and compassionate the people of Anglesey are, I have also found how vehemently people are opposed to the irresponsibility of randomly letting off fireworks.

"This is a farming community; animals are livelihood and pets. Isn’t it time we banned this insensitive practice and stuck to organised local displays?"