PLAID Cymru Arfon’s Hywel Williams has been selected by More United members as the candidate of choice for the General Election, joining 35 other candidates from key marginal seats .

The movement provides funds and boosts volunteers to help them get elected. More candidates selected will be announced.

More United aims to Crowdfund £250,000 over the election and recruit a national network of volunteers to support candidates

It aims to elect more progressive candidates from different parties to shift the balance of parliament from extremism and reform politics.

Hywel Williams said: "I am proud to be endorsed by More United, a cross-party movement making politics less extreme and less tribal.

"If we want to heal division, politicians must work across party lines to come together beyond the election and put the national interest first to move the country forward."

Tabitha Morton, CEO of More United said: ‘This election we have an ambitious plan to flood Parliament with MPs who care more about the country’s issues than party tribalism.’

"MPs who care more about compromise than their own careers. By coming together to back these candidates who will work to find common ground, put country above party, and raise the bar in Parliament, we can build a better politics."

Candidates selected by More United share values of opportunity, openness, tolerance, democracy and care for the environment, and sign a pledge to stand up for these values as MPs.

Once elected they join a cross-party network to build consensus and campaign together on issues including social care, the environment and mental health.

In the last election, More United support helped elect 34 MPs, its MP network grew to over 57 MPs from seven parties working together in Parliament.