MOUNTAIN Rescue teams helped a "despondent male" in Gwynedd earlier this week.

On Monday, the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team were called to help after the ambulance service was called by a vulnerable male claiming to be on Glyder Fawr.

The group found a rucksack as the coastguard helicopter and search dogs were called in to help search.

A mountain rescue service spokesman said: "There was limited information about his possible location and no way of contacting him. During Callout 110, a tarp shelter had been seen near Llyn Idwal so two team members were tasked to investigate it and sweep round Llyn Idwal.

"The shelter was unoccupied and contained a rucksack and camping gear but no I.D. so the sweep round Idwal continued.

"The Coastguard helicopter was tasked to search the area at this time too and a SARDA (Wales) dog handler requested too.

"On returning to the shelter, a detailed search of the rucksack concluded that the man was despondent and as it was being packed up, the casualty made himself known.

"Initially unwilling to leave the mountain, the hasty party spent two hours talking to the casualty and a number of police officers were escorted to a nearby location as a precaution.

"Eventually the casualty was persuaded to walk out and was taken by North Wales Police to hospital for help."