A SCHOOL on Anglesey has relaxed the common policy of banning the use of mobile phones from the classroom.

Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi headteacher Adam Williams says the decision to allow pupils to use their phones as educational tools allows them to "engage in a positive way".

It's believed that, at present, the Holyhead-based school is the only one on the island which allows students to use their phones in lessons.

They are allowed to use them for use with answering questions in the classroom.

Apps such as Kahoot! allow teachers to interact with students by creating quizzes to test their knowledge on a subject.

Mr Williams says that when he took over as headteacher some six years ago, one of his first ideas was to implement a change in the way phones could be use to benefit pupils rather than hinder their progress.

"We found that we were wasting more time and energy stopping the pupils from using their phones, so it was time to take a look at the structure already in place," he said.

"This took time away from what matters most and that's education. With that in mind, we decided to make an official change around two years ago and the outcome has been managed successfully.

"Pupils are still only allowed to use their mobile phones for work purposes but it's certainly made lessons more engaging and interesting."

Pupils at Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi enjoyed their best GCSE results to date during the summer and Mr Williams says standards are "constantly improving".

He added: "Schools need to be brave in this day and age and we've got a responsibility to teach our students how to use technology effectively to prepare them for the world of work."