A TV CHEF from Caernarfon has launched an urgent appeal to find 40 grey squirrels to create a Christmas feast with a difference.

Chris Roberts needs the furry rodents to make squirrel empanadas – fire baked turnovers consisting of pastry and filling – as part of an alternative Yule Tide spread.

The culinary extravaganza will be featured in the special festive edition of his second television series, Bwyd Epic Chris 2 (Chris’ Epic Food2), which starts on S4C on November 14.

Chris went from being a man who cooked on an old-fashioned spit roasting fire with his friends, without anyone watching, to overnight fame as a Facebook foodie with thousands of fans.

He became an online sensation after he posted his mouth-watering videos and recipes on Facebook and that led to his S4C debut as an alternative TV chef.

His outdoor cooking style and inspiration comes from his ancestors who left Wales and set up home in the Welsh colony of Patagonia in Argentina.

Once again Chris says he will be rustling up all sorts of dishes using a number of “imaginative” ingredients – including the grey squirrels.

He said: “This whole second series has been so much fun and given me the chance to showcase the amazing food we have here in Wales.

“That’s why I want to find an alternative butcher who can supply grey squirrels for a special recipe I’m doing for the Christmas special. I’m going to be making squirrel empanadas and would prefer we use Welsh squirrels if I can find them.

“We do have an alternative butcher in England who can supply them but if I can find a Welsh butcher then that fits with the ethos of showcasing Welsh food.

“Empanadas are a type of South American pasty and are just what my ancestors who emigrated to Patagonia would have eaten. It’s still a very popular dish over there now although whether they use squirrel as opposed to lamb, I’m not really sure.”

“For the Christmas special I’ll also be cooking three whole venison and wild ducks. I’ll be building a wall of fire and using Welsh hardwood, mostly oak, from Snowdonia as fuel.