A DISPERSAL Order has been granted in Bangor after youths threw chairs in fast food outlets and launched fireworks into retail premises.

The incidents took place on Wednesday evening - a day before Halloween which has widely become known as "Mischief Night".

Officers now have the power to disperse individuals and order them to leave an area for up to 48 hours if they are committing, or are likely to commit anti-social behaviour, crime or disorder.

If a person refuses to leave having been given a direction to do so or returns to the area within the specified period, then that person commits a criminal offence for which they can be arrested.

Inspector Dafydd Curry said: "The behaviour of some has been despicable, and this is unacceptable. Bangor city centre has in recent days been subjected to high levels of anti-social behaviour, public order and criminal damage caused by groups of youths.

"Officers are currently patrolling the area and will use these powers as necessary to ensure that our community is safe for everyone. "

This Dispersal Order will remain in force until 1pm on Saturday November 2.